Class ThreadedCommandFilter<C extends Command>

  extended by com.mooapi.server.handler.ThreadedCommandFilter<C>
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ThreadedCommandFilter<C extends Command>
extends java.lang.Object
implements CommandProcessor<C>

This class implements a threaded filtering command processor. When a command is passed to process(com.mooapi.server.MooConnection, com.mooapi.common.command.Command), it is added to an internal queue. A worker thread continuously consumes commands from the queue, passsing them through a supplied filter, then passing them to the next CommandProcessor when they pass through the filter. The filter may modify or block the commands.

Steve Taylor
See Also:
CommandFilter}, {@link CommandProcessor}.

Constructor Summary
ThreadedCommandFilter(CommandFilter commandFilter, CommandProcessor nextCommandProcessor, int priority)
Method Summary
 void process(MooConnection source, C command)
          Process the specified command.
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Constructor Detail


public ThreadedCommandFilter(CommandFilter commandFilter,
                             CommandProcessor nextCommandProcessor,
                             int priority)
Method Detail


public void process(MooConnection source,
                    C command)
Process the specified command.

Specified by:
process in interface CommandProcessor<C extends Command>
command - The specified command.
source - The connection sending/receiving the command.

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